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Born in Barcelona (1993), María is a writer and film director. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona and published her first book of poetry Es magia lo que ves (EspasaEsPoesía) in 2019.

She worked in television and film for the production company Ovideo TV for 2 years.

Her passionate spirit led her to direct her first short film at the age of 17, awarded at multiple festivals and premiered at the Filmoteca de Catalunya together with the film Vivre sa vie by Jean Luc Godard.

In choosing her studies, she prioritized being nurtured from other fields to tell stories from different perspectives, giving depth to her cinematographic works.

Like in her stories, her cinema seeks the poetic in the image. It doesn't throw messages, it opens questions. The atmosphere that María creates is dream-like, surreal, and intimate. Her themes revolve around interpersonal relationships, communication failure, abandonment, magic, and death.

​María’s extensive humanistic studies make her a versatile director. She delves into each project by asking what it requires from a poetic perspective and is unafraid of transgressive narrative structures.


-Las heridas lilas (2010) 

*Official Selection at Fescigu Festival

*Official Selection at Portobello Film Festival

*Official Selection at Film festival Steps

*Official Selection and award to the best short-film at the Festival Cine Propio

*Official Selection at Festival de cine de La Almunia

-Camera Obscura (2021) In post-production.

-Helix Aspersa (2022) In Distribution.

Festivals so far: 

*Program 2cool4school inside Short Film Corner Cannes 2022 as representative of the Spanish short film

*Official Selection at the Festival Internacional de Sant Joan D'Alacant (qualifies for Goya 2023)

*Official Selection at the International Toronto women film festival (Toronto) 

*Official Selection at the Festival Internacional de cortometrajes de Mieres (Spain)

*Official Selection at the Festival Out of the Bounds (Italy)

*Official Selection at the Festival Fice (Argentina)

*Official Selection at the Festival Interesección- Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival (Spain) 

*Official Selection at the Festival del Cinema Iberoamericano di Firenze (Italy)

*Winner for the best short film in Mostra de Cinema Espiritual de Catalunya (Spain)

-Sea la luz (2022) In Distribution.

*Winner for the best direction at Stockholm Film Festival (Stockholm)


-No dirás mi nombre/Road movie (2021-2023) In Post-Production. 



-Es magia lo que ves (EspasaEsPoesia) (2019)

-Selection of poems included in the anthology “Poesía-in versa: nueva expresión de mujeres poetas” edited by In-Verso. (2020) 

-Selection of poems included in the anthology "Poesía sospechosa: españolas nacidas entre 1976 y 1993” edited by Animal Sospechoso (2020).


I am always looking for new projects. Let's connect. :)

+34 610 406 048

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